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The children's trail

(3-7 years old)

Event available during the August event!


Small circuit available so that children (3-7 years) can have fun with their parents during the weekend. All small vehicles are allowed (ATV, SBS and Motocross).


Registration required, but free for 16 years old and under at all our events.


The child must present to the track manager his insurance bracelet given during registration and the parent must be present with his child at all times. If the parent is not present when the child arrives at the track, the child will be refused access. Important, all traffic with small motorized vehicles is not allowed on the site, except on the tracks.


IMPORTANT : Modifications in the programming, the regulations, the course of the event can be made without further notice. Some activities are limited in the number of registrations.

ZERO TOLERANCE : No drinks or drugs will be tolerated during or before the competitions. The competitor will be refused if he is intoxicated or intoxicated by drugs. No sign of aggression will be tolerated in front of the officials and towards the other competitors.

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