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New track

Event taking place during the event of June and August!


A track with several jumps and turns of around 1.3km. It will be open for all types of vehicles: Quad, SBS, Truck, Buggy, Minoune, motocross...


You can skip as many times as you want, times will be taken on each of your turns. The five best times of each category, taken during the day, will compete in the final.


There are purses for the first two positions in each of the categories.


Registrations are from 7.45 am to 9 am on the day of your tests. If at 9am you are not in the line to register and \ or inspect, a penalty of $ 20 for the delay will be requested and it will be added to the amount of the scholarships.


It is recommended to pre-register via the registration tab to first, ensure you have a place and secondly to facilitate the management of the schedule by having the number of registration in advance.


IMPORTANT : Modifications in the programming, the regulations, the course of the event can be made without further notice. Some activities are limited in the number of registrations.

ZERO TOLERANCE : No drinks or drugs will be tolerated during or before the competitions. The competitor will be refused if he is intoxicated or intoxicated by drugs. No sign of aggression will be tolerated in front of the officials and towards the other competitors.




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