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Race back & Forth 

4 mai FHR 2024 - aller-retour joly 2.png

Available during the event. 


The vehicle must traverse 250 feet (77 meters) of mud in a 15 feet (4.5 meters) wide corridor both in the left line and in the right line. Thereafter, it all depends on which line the runner is in, but you will need to complete both the right line and the left line to complete the course. 

If you are initially in the right line, you will return via the mudbug track (you will be going in the opposite direction). The return might have a little water or a little mud. You will come back to return to the start betweenant in the starting line from the left. Then you will make the left line. 

If you are  initially in the left line, you will return via the Boses track.  You must return on a line which has 2 boses (subject to change for the return) and you will return to join the starting line. Then you will make the right line.

The vehicle which will complete in prFirst the right line and the left line will be the winner of the course.

Authorized vehicles:


- Side by side

- 4x4

- Cars

- Buggy

- ETC...

Unloading and inspections are done the same day without pre-registration. An amount is provided depending on the events for the discharge and registration of the vehicle. There are no scholarships provided for this type of competition.

IMPORTANT: Changes in the programming, regulations and progress of the event may be made without further notice. Some activities are limited in the number of registrations.

ZERO TOLERANCE: No drinks or drugs will be tolerated during or before competitions. The competitor will be refused if he is intoxicated or intoxicated by drugs. No sign of aggression will be tolerated towards officials or towards other competitors.

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