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camping regulations

Pitch about 40X20, without service.


If you wish to have access to the showers and bathrooms there is an additional cost of $ 5. On a field, you are entitled to only one piece of equipment, there is no limit of people, however each person must have their weekend bracelet.


Environment: It is forbidden to use river water for personal hygiene and any other washing with cleaning products. Vehicle washing is prohibited and we encourage you to use phosphate-free and eco-friendly soaps.


Dogs: They must always be kept on a leash and they must not be left unattended on your property. Their access is prohibited in public buildings and you are required to collect all the excrement, moreover to keep a good neighborhood we ask you to manage the barking.


Campfires and fireworks: Campfires are authorized in the places provided, all fireplaces must be fitted with a spark grate and in no case may a fire be left unattended. Firecrackers and fireworks are never allowed on the site.


Traffic and parking: It is prohibited to park in the road or in vacant lots, use only the parking spaces reserved for this.


ATV - Motocross - SBS - golf cart (all motor vehicles): No traffic is allowed, apart from going to the race site. It is also prohibited to let a child (17 and under) drive a motor vehicle without the accompaniment of an adult. Be aware that if one of our volunteers or security personnel surprises a child alone on a motor vehicle, the keys to the vehicle will be immediately removed and returned only at the end of the weekend or when you leave.


Trees and shrubs: It is prohibited to cut, prune or damage trees and shrubs


Waste: Containers for waste and recycling are available, you are required to keep the place clean.


Emergency and curfew: Between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. no traffic is allowed on the site, except for a valid reason. If you know you have to go out during the prescribed hours, please leave your car in the top parking lot near the Tradition room. From 11 p.m. no more music is allowed and fires will be tolerated until 1 a.m., but thereafter the complete extinction. For those who would like to "stay up late" the Tradition room is open every evening.


Aquatic security: Swimming is authorized in the river between 10h and 20h, but no surveillance is made. Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times by a person 16 and over. Glass bottles or containers, as well as vehicles are prohibited near the river.


Good neighborhood: In order to create a good neighborhood, we ask you not to exaggerate the sound level of any device (TV, radio, generator, etc.) during opening hours and at any time between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.


Responsibility: The management is not responsible for lost or stolen objects, accidents and injuries as well as damage caused by the forces of nature occurring during your stay. Parents are responsible for their children regardless of their age and must supervise them at all times. The cleanliness of your site on your departure is required.



We wish you a very good stay!


The committee !

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