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Bazous Race

Event available during the August event!


General information:

The vehicles start stationary on the starting line. The vehicle must complete the circuit several times and pass the line to arrive before the others. There is no calculated time, but positions are defined by the order of vehicles which will cross the finish line. A vehicle may only cross the finish line once before being disqualified. 

A vehicle broken during a race, the driver as well as the co-driver must remain inside the vehicle. Unless there is a light or a vehicle that is upside down. 

It cannot have a false start because several vehicles have the same start. 

There are scholarships and trophies for the first three positions. All registration fees are returned to the exchange and distributed among the top 3 positions.

Unloading and inspections are from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on the day of your tests. If at 9:00 a.m. you are not in line to do your registration and/or inspection, a penalty of $10 for the delay will be requested and will be added to the scholarship amount.

It is recommended to pre-register via the registration tab to firstly ensure you have a place and secondly to facilitate schedule management by having the number of registrations in advance.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the programming, regulations and running of the event may be made without further notice. Some activities are limited in the number of registrations.

ZERO TOLERANCE: No drinks or drugs will be tolerated during or before competitions. The competitor will be refused if he is intoxicated or intoxicated by drugs. No sign of aggression will be tolerated towards officials or towards other competitors.

Schedule and Classes

Hourly :

7:00 a.m.: competitor ticket office opening

7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.: inspection and child registration

9:30 a.m.: pit meeting

10:00 a.m.: start of the races

It should be noted that the schedule can be modified at any time and adapted to the course of the same day.

Accepted classes:

4 cylinders

4 modified cylinders

6 cylinders

6 modified cylinders

8 cylinders

8 modified cylinders

1 class of girls 4 cyl stock

1 women’s class

1 open class

1 sbs class


Classes can be changed at any time depending on the number of registrations.

The rules

General regulations:

  • The driver must have a valid driving license

  • DOT helmet required. (no bolle or other unsafe helmet)

  • Co-pilot accepted (16 years and over)

  • Sportsmanlike and courteous spirit at all times, no aggression tolerated

  • All drivers while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be disqualified

  • No impact with other vehicles will be voluntarily accepted.

  • You must respect the flags

  • You must sign the waiver (driver and co-driver) when registering

  • Your competitor number must be on each front door (before marking your number, look on the FHR website)

  • If you register more than one vehicle, each must have a unique number

  • Vehicles can arrive the day before, to test their machine (Friday evening Leucan $)

Strongly recommended :

  • Pre-registration (reserve your tank number)

  • Fire protection clothing

  • Vertical bar behind the bench in the event of a rollover

  • Battery inside the vehicle securely fixed

ALL vehicles:

  • Front window can be kept, if it is removed, you must have a front grill. The side and rear windows must be removed.

  • Lights, indicators and mirrors must be removed

  • Seat belts must be functional for both passengers (pilot and co-pilot). 4-point or 5-point belts accepted, but well adjusted

  • Bumpers must not be modified

  • Functional brakes

  • Prestone must be replaced with water

  • Remove the trailer “ball” and its support

  • An ABC fire extinguisher mandatory in all vehicles

  • Radiator (if rear in the vehicle) must be fitted with protection. No home-made metal radiator for stock classes

  • Gas tank must be securely attached if it is inside the vehicle

  • No “grooved” or “pinned” tires in the stock class

  • Remove the exhaust

  • Remove any parts that could fall (molding, plastic, etc.)

  • Disable or remove air bags

  • Doors must be chained or “tapped”. It is possible to put a solid bar fixed horizontally, but it must extend beyond each side of the door to prevent it from folding towards the driver's legs

  • The entire interior must be emptied (plastic and carpet), except the ''DASH'' can remain in place

  • Vehicle too damaged by rust or floor too perforated, could be refused during inspection

  • No welded reinforcement accepted in stock classes (you will be considered modified)

  • Hood pierced approximately 9 inches in the center in case of fire

Modified class:

  • Cage in the vehicle automatically considered a modified

  • Studded tire, mud tire accepted

  • Bumpers must not be modified except for the super 4 cylinder class

  • Agricultural tires accepted

  • Home made radiator accepted

  • Modified classes usually have welded reinforcements



  • $40 per bazou

  • $10 per co-pilot

  • Pre-registration recommended online (blocks your competitor number)

  • Payment on site in cash only

  • If you arrive after 9 a.m. for your inspection, a $10 fee will apply and will be refunded

Following your pre-registration with the form below:

  • Competitor and class names will be updated once a week.

  • Depending on the number of registrations, classes could be canceled


Please complete the form to ensure a place and have your competitor number.

By completing the rest of the form, you have read the regulations above, and confirm among those registered that your number is available.

La classe du bazou :

Merci pour votre inscription !

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